Fuschl lake circular trail

Path Nr. 30

70 m3,00 h12 kmDifficulty:

A circular route, which lies mostly next to the lake shore. Only on the west bank, near the Fuschl am See castle and the Fuschler Aach (river), the route is more inland however leading you into a magnificent nature reserve.

The natural hiking trail around the Fuschl lake is popular among athletes as well as families, as its track is measured in kilometers and on the southside till the Fuschl castle it is even accessible with sports baby strollers. On the north side one can find the nature trail “FUSCHLsehWEG” and the Waldandacht (forest devotion), which invites you to make a pause, recharge your batteries and enjoy the tranquility. Cycling is not allowed on this trail.

Entry possibilities: Hundsmarkt, Hofer Badestrand, Schlossfischerei, Fuschlseebad and Au-Straße, Seewinkel, Fischerweg and Halbach