Schober trail

trail from Forsthaus Wartenfels via the ruins of Wartenfels to the Schober and the “woman’s head” and back again

Path Nr. 10

400 m2h303 kmDifficulty:

Start of the tour is at the Forsthaus Wartenfels, where a hiking trail
leads through the forest to the ruins of Wartenfels for about 20 minutes.
From the ruins follow the hiking trail through the forest to the
The trail leads uphill in serpentines, garnished with some great views of
the Fuschl lake. Attention, the path is very challenging in case of bad
wather and rain. In parts of the top section, ropes ensure your safety.
However, you should be free from giddiness.
Once you have reached the top, you can enjoy the fantastic view on up to
seven lakes.
The descent is to the left of the shelter below the ridge. After
a short stretch, you have the opportunity to climb a few meters up to the
next summit cross called the “woman’s head”.
Here you can enjoy a unique view of the Fuschl lake and the Osterhorn mountains.
The descent from the summit also takes your over rocky hiking trails,
partly over slippery gravel surfaces – please be careful – until you are again at the Forsthaus Wartenfels.
Attention: Alpine experience necessary!
Do not start this tour when the weather is bad or the ground wet and wear appropriate shoes.