The Radauer
Florian Radauer
Schmidingweg 5
5303 Thalgau

Phone:+43 6235 5584
Mobile:+43 664 5362474

Since each of us can master several instruments, our performances are always very versatile. Our strength is to listen to our audience and to fulfil music wishes, if possible, immediately!
We bring everything your heart desires from the Oberkrainer and Alpenrock to Schlager, Fox and other various oldies. The rock and pop music of recent years and above all the current hits are not missed out on either!! Obviously, various summer party songs and après-ski hits, packaged in an atmospheric performance, are played as well.
"The Radauer" are a guarantee for pure ambience, charm and fun, for musical quality and for a fair fee! For us always most important, is the direct contact with our audience in order to make them live an unforgettable moment.
Bernhard Grubinger

Phone: +43 664 411 9240


If one mixes tradition and solidarity with a bit of recklessness and the courage to try out something new, the unique "GRENZWERTIG" music genre is born, originating from the region of Salzburger!

With their own compositions and arrangements, the group excels through its “GRENZWERTIG” sound and does not forget its roots in the traditional folk music!
Secret of the bottle
Dietmar Knebel
Unterdorferstraße 11
5303 Thalgau

Phone: +43 676 5021024


Secret of the Bottle consists of seven musicians, who have committed themselves to the Rock'n Roll sphere in addition to their professional activities. The program of the band features a variety of classics ranging from Elivs, the Rolling Stones to CCR over Depp Purple and Eric Clapton.The basic concept of inspiration of the group’s genre is interpreting rock'n roll classics in a more modern way. In addition to the alternating the leadguitar played by Max Kulmer or Didi Janisch, the multi-voice singing is the band’s special characterisitc. Musically speaking, the band places great importance on playing without technical effects like Sampels or Midifiles. The music is - like the Rock'n Roll - 100% "handmade". If you are looking for a band that will entertain you with a trip thourgh the history of Rock’n Roll, playing famous classics with modern accents, then contact us.
Hans Reiter
Unterdorferstraße 37
5303 Thalgau

Phone: +43 650 4204462

...and the music plays!

Under the above-mentioned motto, there is hardly any occasion in the community of Thalgau, where the participation of this music group is not required. The folk music band is also present at various Austrian and German events.
For church celebrations, public events, weddings and also sad occasions the appropriate music should be played and that’s what the TMK stands for. In addition to the Austrian brass music - like for example the unforgettable "tradition march", the program of TMK ranges from classical masterpieces by old composers to contemporary compositions, upscale international entertainment music and soloist performances.