Willitsch Saund Festival

coming soon:



saturday, july 11th 2020

20.30 o’clock

Volksschule Thalgau



saturday, August 8th, 2020

19.30 o’clock

Volksschule Thalgau


Madison Violet

friday, september 18th, 2020

20.30 o’clock



Hannah & Falco mit Band

saturday, october 31st, 2020

20.00 o’clock




Wochenmarkt Thalgau

The weekly market is not going on for the moment!

from march 6th until december 18th, 2020

every friday from 15.00 to 19.00

Marktplatz Thalgau



Weekly market with regional and seasonal products:


Familie Kogler (Schindecker), Tel.: 06235-6378 / schindecker.kogler@gmx.at

Everything from turkey, chicken, vegetarian, …..

Berger Bettina, Tel.: 0664-5385232, gemuesebau.bettinaberger@gmail.com

vegetables, saisonal fruits, …..

Familie Salzmann, Tel.: 0664-4040237, salzmann.eier@aon.at

eggs, noodles, jam, …..

Esterer Monika, Tel.: 0664-5108433, esterermonika00@gmail.com

cheese in all different kinds

Evripidis Mytilakis, Tel.: 0699-18387018, mytilakis@gmail.com

Greek fruits, olives, olive oil, ….

Ebner Matthias, Tel.: 0650-9210204, ebnerhias@a1.net

“Ebner’s Strohschweinspeck” – bacon from pork

Landerlebnisgarten – Landerl Johann, Tel.: 0664-3983425, office@landerlebnisgarten.at

Plants and seeds for flowers, shrubbery, herbs, vegetables and more



on selected dates only:

Anneliese and Franz Kleinferchner, Tel.: 0664-3934106, kleinf@sol.at

honey from Schleedorf, every first and second friday in a month

Eder Hans:  0664-2420729,

handmade rakes – comes on April, 10th, May 15th, June 19th,  July 10th, August 14th.