Wochenmarkt Thalgau

every friday from 15.00 to 19.00

march 5th, 2021 to december 17th, 2021

Marktplatz Thalgau


Please stay in a 2 m distance to other people and wear a FFP 2 mask!


Weekly market with regional and seasonal products:


Familie Kogler (Schindecker), Tel.: 06235-6378 / schindecker.kogler@gmx.at

Everything from turkey, chicken, vegetarian, …..

Berger Bettina, Tel.: 0664-5385232, gemuesebau.bettinaberger@gmail.com

vegetables, saisonal fruits, …..

Familie Salzmann, Tel.: 0664-4040237, salzmann.eier@aon.at

eggs, noodles, jam, …..

Esterer Monika, Tel.: 0664-5108433, esterermonika00@gmail.com

cheese in all different kinds

Kamran Marufkhel, Tel.: 0664-4156284, kamranmarofkhel@gmail.com

Greek fruits, olives, olive oil, ….

Ebner Matthias, Tel.: 0650-9210204, ebnerhias@a1.net

“Ebner’s Strohschweinspeck” – bacon from pork

Landerlebnisgarten – Landerl Johann, Tel.: 0664-3983425, office@landerlebnisgarten.at

Plants and seeds for flowers, shrubbery, herbs, vegetables and more



on selected dates only:

Eder Hans:  0664-2420729,

handmade rakes – comes on march 26th, april 23rd, may 14th, June 18th,  and more to come

Zeberer Andreas: Tel.: 0049-8651-9748467, korbmacher@gmx.com

all different kinds of baskets -he comes on march 26th, april 16th, may 21st, june 25th, july 16th, august 20th, september 24th